Faire Ferments

Faire Ferments are an amazing business which makes cider and other products from resourced fruit. They buy fruit off farmers which would otherwise be wasted after the big companies designate what will be bought and leave farmers with the excess. Not only do Faire Ferments have a super positive story, their products are also incredibly tasty. If you see them around do yourself a favour and give them a taste. – @faire_ferments


The Bandari Project

This is a non-profit organisation setup to help disadvantaged children in Tanzania get better access to education. The project began the building of a school in Mto Wa Mbu in 2015. Initially, a kindergarten was built, but now the school has 40 children attending with more building and development continuing. Other local children are being helped with tuition and study fees for higher education and women living in rough circumstances are being helped with agricultural work and other work and education opportunities. – @thebandariproject


Lovelock Studio

Based out of Warrnambool in South Western Victoria, this distinctive business works on superb graphics and web design. Using imaginative methods, all work is carried out with the utmost care and consistency. – @lovelockstudio


Northside Fruit and Vegetables

Kim and Mikey run a personable and quality wholesale fruit and veg business based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. These two boys create a very personal service with each customer and prefer to work closely with smaller businesses to achieve common goals. – @northsidefruitandveg


Lumberjack Furniture

Jack is a gifted chippie. He creates unique furniture out of excellent wood. He also specialises in shop and venue fit-outs and also general carpentry jobs. He has an ability to build with the utmost quality, but also to use a sharp design perspective to bring out the best in every project.



Le Sociale Studio

Le Sociale Studio is a small agency based design business which runs out of Melbourne. They work on social, media, photography and design projects and create a relaxed vibe with their personalised services. –  @lesocialestudio


Asha Maria Madge

Asha works on unique drawing, photography and video-making projects. Having a talented vision and an interesting perspective on the world, she brings to life her focus in a raw and untamed style.